Beginner's Self Defence Course

11:00 am

Thursdays 11 - 11:45am

12th March - 2nd April


Join us for an exciting 4-week course, designed to introduce you to the basics of our goshinjutsu self defence.


- Learn effective self denfence

- Build confidence

- Make new friends

- Discover your strength


Originally designed for the Tokyo PD by our Grandmaster Tanemura Soke, this style of martial is extremely practical and effective.


While the techniques remain the same, this class is super friendly and relaxed; ideal for those who are looking for a more gentle introduction to martial arts.


No experience required

Open to women of any age (18+)


Spaces are limited!!

RSVP to secure your space and we will be in touch.


01273 570 940


49 New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GQ


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