Tanemura Shoto Soke


Our Grandmaster, Tanemura Shoto Soke, started training in traditional martial arts at the age of 9.  He learned traditional Japanese Kobudo from his father, uncle and their teachers. Due to his exceptional skill he was given his first Menkyo Kaiden (Grandmastership) at the age of 21. Since that time, he has earned Menkyo Kaiden in over 20 various Ryu-Ha (Martial Traditions).


He is now the 'Soke' pronounced soh-kay (Grandmaster) of not only Ninpo Karate and Kokusai Jujutsu, but also of these various Ryu-Ha.


Tanemura Shoto Sensei founded the Genbukan in 1984 and it has become international in scope with branches existing in the American, European and Asian Continents.

Jujutsu, Taijutsu and Koryu Karate


Grandmaster Tanemura spent 14 years at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as both detective and instructor. Soke has also consulted with and taught SWAT, FBI, Special Forces and other law enforcement agencies around the world. These diverse experiences have enabled Grandmaster Tanemura to create a truly effective self defence curriculum.  These special techniques are very effective and truly qualify as Jissenjutsu (real-life fighting skills).