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The arts practiced in our Dojo are traditional Jujutsu, Ninjutsu and Koryu Karate (old non-competition Karate) from Japan and the Chinese arts of Baqua, chi qong and chinna (Chinese self defence arts of movement and meditation that involve locking and trapping). 

We also teach a full range of Traditional Japanese weapons especially the Bikenjutsu Samurai sword for self development, discipline and mindful practice. Of course the stick arts are useful for self defence too.

Also we run courses in Goshinjutsu, pure self defence for today.

These arts are all from old Japanese family systems known as Ryu ha. The instructors here have learnt these arts from a number of Japanese Grandmasters over many years travelling all over the world including many trips to stay in Japan and study directly. Our school and its classes are taught in a authentic, traditional way, safe, respectful and enjoyable. 

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